Welcome to the Leigh Park Working Mens Club!

The Leigh Park and District Trade Union and Working Men's Club

Our Private Members club boasts a friendly atmosphere where you can unwind and be part of a caring community. We run many regular entertainment and leisure events that the whole family can enjoy.

  • Friday Night is Games Night

    Friday nights are games nights in your club. Come along and enjoy games based on TV game shows Open the Box and Play Your Cards Right, enjoy Horse Racing on the TV screens or get your brain cells working with the monthly quiz.  Join our Facebook page for all the latest news
    2019-07-04 11:03:26
  • Door Entry System

    White door entry/bar cards are now being issued see the office or behind the bar for details
    2019-05-30 12:57:32
  • Membership Renewals 2019 – 2020

    Renewals will take place through November and December 2019 and January 2020 as follows; November 2019 Monday;           11th – 18th – 25th                           7pm to 8pm Wednesday;     13th – 20th – 27th                           7pm to 8pm Friday;              8th – 15th – 22nd – 29th                 7pm to 8pm Saturday;         9th – 16th – 23rd – 30th                 12pm to 2pm Sunday;           10th – 17th – 24th                          11am to 1pm   December 2019 Monday;             2nd – 9th – 16th – 23rd – 30th       7pm to 8pm Wednesday;       3rd – 10th – 17th                            7pm to 8pm Friday;               6th – 13th – 20th – 27th                7pm to 8pm Saturday;           7th – 14th – 21st – 28th               12pm to 2pm Sunday;             1st – 8th – 15th – 22nd – 29th         11am to 1pm   Cost of renewal is £10 for 1 year
    2019-03-15 15:13:42
  • Bag searches etc will be conducted at Ticket Events

    On Monday 11 June 2018 the Management Committee agreed that at ticket events the contracted security staff could perform random bag searches and body pat downs to ensure that no alcohol or drugs (or potential weapons) are being brought onto club premises. Notices will be displayed when this policy is in force.
    2018-06-12 14:19:11
  • Day to Day Diary

    Monday: Men’s Darts

  • Day to Day Diary

    Tuesday: Cribbage, Over 50’s Disco Night

  • Day to Day Diary

    Wednesday: Men’s Darts, Ladies Darts

  • Day to Day Diary

    Thursday: Ladies Darts, Snooker,
    Bingo and Meat Raffle

  • Day to Day Diary

    Friday: Available for private bookings

  • Day to Day Diary

    Saturday: Live Entertainment

  • Day to Day Diary

    Sunday Lunch: Membership Draw, Big Prize Money Raffle, Meat and Prize Draw, Monthly Entertainment

  • Day to Day Diary

    Sunday Evening: Bingo