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The Leigh Park and District Trade Union and Working Men's Club

Our Private Members club boasts a friendly atmosphere where you can unwind and be part of a caring community. We run many regular entertainment and leisure events that the whole family can enjoy.

  • 30 June 2020 UPDATE

    At last night’s committee meeting the following was agreed – Club reopens at 12 noon on Saturday 4 July 2020 Opening hours will be Friday 4pm to 11pm Saturday 12noon to 11pm Sunday 11am to 8pm All closing times are at the discretion of the duty steward. ie if the club is empty at 10pm they can close also if there are lots of members enjoying a drink at 8pm on a Sunday then the club will stay open. For the time being only members will be allowed into the Club no children or guests will be admitted. You do not have to book a table but booking a table will guarantee admission at the time reserved. Please be aware that we will have the capacity for a lot less members to enter the club. Tables will be set with either 2 or 4 seats. According to government guidelines you are only permitted to sit with your own household or your designated social bubble or carer if a vulnerable adult. However, you can meet in groups of up to 6 (socially isolated as necessary if you are meeting outside, to help you meet with friends and family under these guidelines  we have 8 picnic benches at the rear of the club which will not be available to book. Due to the conditions imposed on us for re-opening there will be no live entertainment for the foreseeable future. The same goes for televised sporting events. This is because there is a risk of shouting or cheering (which the government states can increase the spread distance of Covid 19) Low background only music is permitted although this has to be kept to a volume that members do not have to raise their voice in order to be heard. We plan to check if the juke box can be placed on free-play to enable you to choose the sort of music you wish to listen to BUT it will not be played at the usual volume alternatively radio or music stations may be played on the TV screens. All of our usual activities will not be played for the time being this includes snooker / darts / poker / pool / bingo / War Games / Clubercise / Christmas Club / Blackouts / Membership draw / cash and prize raffles. This is because social distancing for these activities is not possible given that we need to maximise the tables available for members. Pull tab and fruit machines will be available to be played however please be aware of social distancing and other members, cleaning items will be available for you to sanitise the buttons before you play – however as most of the bar taking is expected to by card most small wins will be added to you bar cards to spend over the bar and larger payments will need to be referred to the Treasurer (Keith Sparks) payment may be made from a cash float kept specifically for this purpose, alternatively payment may be transferred directly into your bank account. There will be additional cleaning with an on-site janitor to ensure touch points, toilets, tables etc are cleaned on a regular basis. All these changes to your usual enjoyment of the club will be reviewed regularly in line with Government guidance and members requirements. Your Club needs your support – Hope to see you soon.
    2020-06-30 17:38:25
  • Book a Table for guaranteed admission

    To book a table for this coming weekend please contact the Duty Steward between 12noon and 6pm only on
    07576 21 00 93
    You may book a table for your own household of up to 4 persons only.
    You will need to know your arrival and expected departure times – which room you would prefer to sit in – how many members on the table and your membership number.
    2020-06-30 16:56:33
  • Bar Price Increases

    As members will be aware no price increases have been levied on bar prices since November 2018. since then there have been 2 price increases from the brewery and 2 large increases in the National Minimum Wage that we are required by law to make. The club has absorbed these increases to the extent that the Gross Profit (the part of income used to pay bills / wages / repairs etc without dipping into reserves)
    proved insufficient to meet all of these payments.
    At last nights committee meeting it was therefore agreed that the price increase of 6.9% calculated before Covid 19 and due to be implemented after the March Elections in April 2020 but unable to be done will now be applied to all bar drinks prices with immediate effect.
    All cleaning items have also increased in price but we are hoping that they will settle back to pre March prices.
    No one likes to increase prices – especially when we really need your support but it is an economic necessity.
    2020-06-30 16:10:47
  • Office Hours

    The Office is currently manned from 9.30 am to 1pm  however as far as possible please e-mail any questions to [email protected]
    2020-03-30 11:59:06
  • Day to Day Diary

    Monday: Men’s Darts

  • Day to Day Diary

    Tuesday: Cribbage, Over 50’s Disco Night

  • Day to Day Diary

    Wednesday: Men’s Darts, Ladies Darts

  • Day to Day Diary

    Thursday: Ladies Darts, Snooker,
    Bingo and Meat Raffle

  • Day to Day Diary

    Friday: Available for private bookings

  • Day to Day Diary

    Saturday: Live Entertainment

  • Day to Day Diary

    Sunday Lunch: Membership Draw, Big Prize Money Raffle, Meat and Prize Draw, Monthly Entertainment

  • Day to Day Diary

    Sunday Evening: Bingo