Membership Renewals 2021

MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS 2021 Thank you to all our members who have shown their support for the continuation of their club by renewing their membership. With your help and the government grants we are receiving all of our valued staff have been furloughed and although we are using up our reserves we are still in a good position to re-open to welcome you all as soon as we are able to re-open. Memberships for 2021 are now due for renewal. Cost of renewal is £10 for 1 year Cost for 5 years £50.00 Committee decision has been to suspend Rule 10 – see below – temporarily extending the renewal payment terms as a result of the 3rd National Lockdown. Members who wish to renew can do so by sending in their Red membership cards with and a SAE along with either a cheque or contact details (mobile number or e-mail) and we will send you our  bank account number for a bank transfer (please ensure transfer quotes membership numbers) Please DO NOT post cash. Rule 10. Subscriptions. Memberships are due for renewal 1st January each year. “Any member who has not renewed by 1st February 2021 shall be considered in arrears and if it be not paid by 1st March 2021 they shall cease to be a member.” Tricia Banachowicz Club Secretary For and on behalf of the Management Committee

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